Halloween may be over but it's not too late for Alien-Factory to re-vamp its website!

Just released is a website with a cleaner look, and thanks to Bootstrap v3, it's also responsive enough to look good on mobile and tablets too!

But wait! There's more! The changes are not just skin deep - the entire website has been completely re-written, bottom up, with fresh Fantom technologies! Where once there was Java and Tapestry5, there is now Fantom and BedSheet!

That's right, here at Alien-Factory, we eat our own dog food, and we like it!

The line up of the full Fantom stack is as follows:

  • Wisp - The standard HTTP server from Fantom.
  • BedSheet - A web application framework for handling HTTP requests.
  • Pillow - Routes HTTP requests to efanXtra pages and components.
  • efanXtra - Create re-usable web components with efan templates.
  • Slim - Terse HTML templating.
  • efan - Embedded Fantom (efan) templating
  • Ioc - The Dependency Injection framework that binds Alien-Factory apps together.
  • IocEnv - Dev, Test or Prod? This handy little library tells you what environment you're running in.
  • Bootstrap v3 - Oh yeah! Need I say more?

Alien-Factory is a personal website (of me, Steve Eynon - "Hello!") and details various legacy projects I've had the privilege to spend time working on. Content wise, the website has remained the same, but underneath - oh boy, it's all changed!

Have fun!