Steve Eynon - MEng (hons)

A full stack developer specialising in web applications. I consult on the architecture and design of distributed systems and IT infrastructure with the view to creating bespoke software solutions.

As a leading authority on the Fantom programming language with close ties to the language founders, I regularly give talks on programming and security at international conventions.
(HayStack Connect, SkyPosium, Software Craftsmanship, ...)

Fantom is a pragmatic JVM / Javascript language (think Java 2.0) that powers the SkySpark technology platform used in the Building Automation Analytics industry. So far in Fantom, I have created approximately:

  • 2 commercial websites
  • 3 online games
  • 5 videos on YouTube
  • 10 community websites
  • 60 open source libraries
  • 70 articles and tutorials

This includes writing database drivers, HTTP servers, responsive CSS websites, and everything else inbetween. (Think quadcopter controllers, 3D games, test frameworks, template languages, ...)

See my websites,,, and Eggbox for more.

Throughout the years my work has also been published in various books and online magazines. (Javaworld, Jaxenter, O'Reily, ...)


Before Fantom, Java was my professional staple for over 16 years. I have been an expert in Assembler (MC68000 & 8086), Visual Basic, and Javascript; and highly proficient in Ruby and C#.

From humble beginnings in the R&D laboratories of Philips Consumer Electronics I moved into consultancy to develop software and lead teams on international projects. From there I became an independant contractor and senior agile developer helping household names such as AOL, Inland Revenue, Roche, Sky, and Virgin Media.

More recently I have been investing my time in developing and running technology led start up businesses. Notably, StackHub, an ecommerce market place for bespoke software, of which I am now the CEO.


Attempting to refute my inner geek I've also worked as a PADI qualified Open Water Scuba Instructor in Indonesia and as a jungle survival specialist in the Amazon jungle in Guyana, South America.

Despite this, I have spent my entire life coding & programming and I don't intend to stop!