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Alien-Factory is the personal website of SlimerDude, also known as Steve Eynon.

It serves as a technical time capsule of activities and achievements I've undertaken over the years. It's also a place where I vent views and post articles on all things programming.

But most of all, it's my part of the vast internet landfill.



A mini-website that exhorts and promotes Fantom's main features.

Fantom being a new programming language I'm quite evangelical about.


A showcase of my open source Fantom libraries.

From IoC and web frameworks, through database drivers, to speech recognition... get them all here!


A horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up.

Written in Fantom, the same code base runs in a browser (as pure Javascript) and as a JVM desktop application!

South America

What happened when I disappeared into the backwaters of South America for 6 months.

Not for the squeamish.


A Java (and Fantom) playback library for Mappy, the designer for rectangular, hexagonal, and isometric tile based games.


A powerful Add-In for Microsoft® Visio® to create and manage website workflows for Apache Struts.


A show case of 3D vector graphic demos that I wrote in assembler as a teenager.

This is where my programming addiction started!