Alien-Factory's Inversion of Control library, IoC, recently overtook Camembert IDE to become the most downloaded Fantom pod on the Status302 Repository!


With over 1,270 downloads!

Double Wow!

Celebrating Alien-Factory's Achievement

Alien-Factory would like to thank all those who downloaded IoC and we hope you've found it useful. And for those who are yet to try it, you should!

IoC is a modular Dependency Injection (DI) framework that binds your application together. Once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever coded without it!

Hot on the heels of IoC is BedSheet; the web application framework. With well over 1,000 downloads itself, it's great to know people are getting stuck into web development.

Also in the Status302 Top 10 are the templating engines efan for embedded Fantom code, and Slim for HTML. Even more proof that web development is going strong within Fantom!

Top 10 Downloads from the Status302 Repository

Status302 Top Ten

Screenshot taken on 8th June 2014

Let's Discuss!

And all this comes at an exciting time on the Fantom-Factory website, for it has recently adopted the Disqus commenting system.

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Have fun!