Fantom - The Next Generation Programming Language!

So you've heard of Fantom and want to find out more? You've come to the right place!

Why Fantom?

There are a couple of JVM based languages out there, but what makes Fantom so special? Let's find out...

Fantom Online!

If you've never seen Fantom code before, or fancy a quick play, then look no further than:

The Fanzy website lets you execute real Fantom code, online in a browser, with no installation! Just point your browser at Ideone and type away!!!

It also has a great tour that prompts you to try out some of Fantom's core features. It only takes a minute, try it!

For a more real life experience, try Fantom on Coding Ground:

It lets you create and edit multiple source files and even provides a terminal to run them in!

Fantom Essentials

By now you're pretty excited and want to try Fantom on your own computer. It's time to get serious, so read these articles on Fantom-Factory...

  1. How to Install Fantom

    A step by step tutorial on how to install Fantom.

  2. Hello Fantom! Hello World!

    An in-depth look at the Hello World program and the different ways to execute it as a script.

  3. How to Setup a Fantom Project

    Describes the directory structure and files needed to create a basic Fantom application.

  4. How to Build and Run a Fantom App

    Explains how to compile a Fantom project and run it.

  5. How to Distribute Your Fantom App

    Once you've built your project, how do you share it with others?

  6. Inside a Fantom Pod

    Inspects the contents of the BedSheet library (pod) to see what it contains.

  7. Inside a Fantom Build Script

    Explains how a typical Fantom build script works by inspecting the one used by BedSheet.

F4 IDE for Fantom

You can't keep using MS Notepad forever!

At some point you'll want a proper IDE with continuous compilation, contextual auto-complete and a debugger! And when that time comes, you should read this:

Fantom Web Applications

Not just for desktop and mobile apps, Fantom has a suite of tools and libraries for writing web applications too!

  • Web App Tutorial

    A tutorial on how to use the full suite of Alien-Factory web technologies to create a performant web application.

Other Resources

Still need more? Here are some other resources available on the web:

  • Language Tour

    This official guide gives a quick rundown of the language syntax.

  • Fantom documentation

    The official documentation is really good, with lots of examples. Use it as a reference guide when you know what you're looking for.

  • Fantom Pod Repository

    A repository of popular Fantom libraries.

  • A Short Introduction to Fantom

    If you're already a programmer and are looking to see what Fantom offers above and beyond the usual, then look no further.

  • Fantom Public Wiki

    A list of resources and libraries for Fantom as maintained by YOU!


Still stuck? Try asking questions here:

Have fun!